Dispersing agent NNO

Production name:Dispersing agent NNO

Chemical Name: Sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid

Molecular formula: CH2(C10H6SO3Na)2

CAS Noumber: 36290-04-7

This product is a toast almond colored to cream colored powder, or brownish yellow liquid, the dry substances being freely soluble in water of any hardness with good acidity and alkalinity, hard water and salt resistance, good dispersing performance and colloid-protecting performance, without penetrating and foaming performance. It has affinity with protein and polyamide fibers(wool, silk, polyester etc.), without affinity with celluloses of cotton, viscose, flax etc. It can be used with anionic and nonionic surface active agents. It belongs to cationic surface active agent.


Technical Index

Item names


Dispersing force (standard product),%

100 ± 5

PH(1%water solution)


Sodium sulfate content,%


Insoluble substance,%


calcium and magneium content


Fineness (residue through 60-mesh sieve),%



Product Use:
Used as stabilizing agent of latex in rubber industry. Dispersing agent and levelling agent, dyeing auxiliary, auxiliary tanning agent in leather-making industry, water reducing agent and enhancing agent of cement and concrete, as well as dispersing agent of spraying pesticide through airplane.


Package,Storage and Transportation:
Paper-plastic composite bag with wooden pallet
Net Weight:25KG/ BAG,Gross Weight:25.2KG/BAG,605KGS/PLT
Keep dry where good ventilated. Do not wet, and keep from sunshine when transport.