CreaCellTM cellulose is a type of nonionic high polymer which is based on cotton, and formed by chemical treatment. 

CreaCellTM cellulose as excellent binders, thickners, water retention agents, disperation, emusification,form films, all of which are widely used for consruction, agriculture, coating, cosmetic and personal care products. 

Family of“CreaCellTM” including CreaCellTM HEC(HydroxyEthy Cellulose), CreaCellTM HPMC(Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), CreaCellTM HEMC(Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose).They have wide rang of viscosity , excellent thicken properties,water rentention,film-forming.Each of CreaCellTM brand has particular advantage,and can subsitute for the congeneric products overseas,which will make sure the excellent peroformance of your ingredients.

 With high quality and excellent service attitude, our company has attained ISO9001:2000 Certification and been appraised as Grade-AAA Enterprise. 

CreaCellTM family consist of wide range of cellulose ethers , to help you understand various grades clearly, we would like classify as following. 

CreaCellTM  HE/HP/HM HH/35/15M/35T B D E/P/M
Trademark Chemistry Viscosity Biostability Delayed solubility Modified serious

 Classification of CreaCellTM



Hydroxyethyl Cellulose


HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose


HydroxyEthyl Methyl Cellulose


Modified Cellulose Ether